lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Buck Rogers (1979)

After the huge success of Star wars (1977) the space adventures invaded the theatrical screens all over the world and of course, TV series went also under its influence. Universal Studios produced two seasons for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979).
VFX were produced at Universal Hartland facilities with Peter Anderson, and David Jones as supervisors. For the matte paintings they were recruited Jena Holman and Dan Curry.  They both started their matte painting career during the late 70´S.  Dan and Jena also painted mattes for TV series Galactica (1980) and later at David Stipes Productions.

Visual effects supervisor: Peter Anderson
Miniature effects: David M. Garber/  Wayne Smith
Special photographic effects supervisor: David Jones 
Visual effects: David Stipes
Model maker: Pete Gerard, Sean Casey, Kenneth Larson, Pat McCLung
Model planet painting: Janet Kusnick
Matte painting: Jenna Holman, Dan Curry.  
For the pilot episode, matte paintings were by Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor.

Pilot episode Awakening

A dream of Jennifer

Planet of the Amazon women

Planet of the Slave Girls

Vegas in Space

Unchained Woman

Flight of the war witch

Planet painting by Janet Kusnick.

Matte painter Jane Holman.

Dan Curry with his Emmy award for  “Star Treck: The next generation”

David Stipes checking the lighting for a Buck Rogers spaceship.