miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Blood of the Vampire (1958)

Being true to my original idea of dedicate this Blog to little known films, this time I have some matte shots from a  British movie I have never heard of until recently.  Blood of the vampire (1958) It is not even a vampire film, but a mad scientist who needs blood in order to survive. Of course once again there is not matte painter credited, not even FX.

The art director of this film, John Elphick had a vast experience on the use of glass and matte paintings. On previous films he had already worked with Les Bowie, Percy Day, or Albert Whitlock. But the matte paintings on “Blood of the vampire” do not seem the work any of these artists.

At 1958 there were already a good number of matte artists working at British film industry. Probably those paintings were done for any of the less experienced.

The matte painting of the Exterior of the Prison was shown at night.

And with day light.

That matte shot of the upper part off the set and ceiling looks better that the previous.

It is also worth mentioning the makeup work of Jimmy Evans of a deformed hunchback character.