domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Peter the Great (1986) Cliff Culley

Peter the Great is a TV mini series produced by NBC, filmed in Russia and Austria, with and international cast and crew made up by professional like Italian director of photography Vittosio Storaro,  British and Russian art directors, John Blezard and Alexandr Popov, and with matte paintings by British artist Clifff Culley.
The miniatures were provided by M&P Wollensack as it appears on the titles, but I haven’t find anything about that name.
Cliff Culley is one of the big names on the British matte painting History, he started  very young as  matte apprentice at Pinewood 1946 under Bill Warrington head of FX department.  At that time was Les Bowie chief of matte painting department, who was succeed by Albert Whitlock. Culley worked under Ellenshaw and Whitlock at some of the Disney movies filmed at Pinewood, like
The Sword and the Rose (1953)
When Whitlock went to United States at 1954, Culley remained at pinewood as senior matte artist. He became chief of department and provided matte paintings, miniatures and optical tricks until middle 70´s when Pinewood matte department was closed down, he opened his own VFX house  Westbury Design and Optical with the assistance of his son Neil Culley as matte photographer, providing visual effects tricks until his retirement  at 1997.

 During all those years he had several matte painters working with him like Charles Stoneham at the 60´s, Leigh Took from 1978 to 1985 to  and  Steven Begg at early 90´s.

Thre is a big amount of matte paintings on Peter The Great and is highly probable that Culley had some matte assistant for that work.

Fireworks matted into the painting.

Photo of the painting for the Winter palace scene.

 More matte paintings for Peter the Great.

The miniatures were built M&P Wollensack