viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Slaves of Balylon

Slaves of Babylon (1953) another film produced by Columbia pictures.  A weird biblical- adventure pastiche movie directed by William Castle.  Low budget sets and lots of matte paintings. 
Jack Erickson credited for special effects. Matte paintings are again uncredited and no idea who was the painter on that show, but I think these attractive and colourful paintings are worth a look.

Matte paintings from Columbia Pictures remains  a mystery, with only a handful of artist  known to have painted on its films during the 40´s.  The odds are that during the 50´s and 60´s they may have hire freelance matte painters or artists from other Studios.

Most certainly  the same artist who paint mattes for Serpent of the Nile.


10- May -2013

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