viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

A Song to remember and Rumpus in the Haren

I’m back again to Hollywood golden years. And once more from Columbia Pictures. It doesn’t mean that was my favourite Major Studio Production, but I have to admit,  I feel curiosity almost fascination about the matte paintings of Columbia films, probably because is a mystery who were the painters of that matte work.

From  1944 to the early 60´s the head of Columbia VFX department was Lawrence Butler, with none matte artist credited.It is for sure that Butler should have had some painters working with him due to the huge amount of matte work on Columbia films.  
As we have seen on other articles, the quality of their paintings is truly inconstant. 

 The matte paintings from “A song to remember” (1945) are a good example of that fluctuating  condition.  
That first view of Paris looks unconvincing as a poor scenic painting. Almost as a background painting for an animation film.

The next painting of street’s of Paris looks much better.
Nice painting of a night view of George Sand’s mansion.

The Majorca island  full view is again not too good. 

But that last rendition of a Majorcan landscape is a beautiful and evocative painting.

As an extra bonus for Columbia mattes  Rumpus in the Harem” (1956) a short comedy with  the Three Stooges at middle orient, showing a nice matte painting of Arabic cityscape. 

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