martes, 9 de julio de 2013

Kind Hearts and Coronets and The Queen of Spades

Two British films from 1949. Kind Hearst and coronets and the Queen of spades.
What they have in common, apart from the year is the same art director, William Kellner.  

The first film was an Ealing Studios Production, with Sydney Pearson credited for Special effects and Geoffrey Dickinson for process and matte painting effects.
There is some wonderful miniatures like that riverside landscape with a painted backing. All miniature included the small boat with parasol.
Also miniatures with painted baking of two war ships sinking after colliding.
A matte painting of the upper part and ceiling for the scene of the trial of peers at the House of Lords.
Although this Blog is focused to matte painting, as a big fan to make up effects I can’t miss the opportunity to show some make up work by Harry Frampton on one of my favourites actors, Alec Guinness.

Not much matte paintings today, sorry. For Queen of spades, there is only a wonderful foreground miniature to show. There was no FX credited, so I have to assume that art director was responsible for that trick.  As interesting data, Ken Adam worked as draughtsman at the art department.
 At the first look it doesn’t look like a trick shot, but a complete and full building.

 With unbalanced light, the trick is revealed.

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